The Mince Pie Championship: What we learnt posting every day for a month

Historically, marketing ourselves has not been our strong point and we knew it. So we decided to set ourselves a challenge and run a campaign, of sorts, on Facebook for the best part of a month. Enter: The Sox Digital Mince Pie Championships 2021. As we said in our announcement post, we’d been running one … Read more

Development best practice vs. best value

Development best practice vs best value

This week we’re talking about something a little controversial… Best practice vs best value in development. Anyone who’s spent any significant time around developers and coders, often hears the phrase “best practice”. In the industry, there are generally accepted guidelines. These cover how to approach and solve problems, write code, and deliver a product or service. … Read more

Scope Creep: Don’t let the creep monster in

Stop the creep monster!

“Could we just…?”“Could we maybe…?”“How long to…?” If you’ve been asked (or are asking) these questions then it sounds like you are suffering from scope creep! But, not to fear, there are ways to prevent this condition derailing all of your projects! Make sure you’ve got a dedicated project manager to keep new requests under … Read more