Focus on Cornwall Podcast

Focus on Cornwall Podcast

We’re super excited to share that, in May, we were invited to be a guest speaker on the Focus on Cornwall podcast! Created by Claire Wilson of LLE Photography, the Focus on Cornwall podcast shares stories from Cornwall’s businesses and leaders, and talks about the challenges and opportunities we face.  Heather and Claire met up … Read more

Are time estimates useless?

Are time estimates useless

Building websites and general development activities are notoriously difficult to give time estimates for. Ask most developers and they’ll tell you that estimates are often a pain in their backsides. But, understandably, everybody always wants to know how long things are going to take. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. We all expect to … Read more

The Mince Pie Championship: What we learnt posting every day for a month

Historically, marketing ourselves has not been our strong point and we knew it. So we decided to set ourselves a challenge and run a campaign, of sorts, on Facebook for the best part of a month. Enter: The Sox Digital Mince Pie Championships 2021. As we said in our announcement post, we’d been running one … Read more