Development estimates and why they’re annoying

Picture of a couple's legs, covered in paint, to illustrate our analogy of how painting your living room is similar to a development estimate

Most people in the tech world know that development takes as long as a piece of string. But people who haven’t had the experience with tech, often don’t understand how difficult it is to give an accurate development estimate. If you think you’ve read us writing about something similar before, you wouldn’t be wrong. We … Read more

Is your computer haunted, or are you just a technophobe?

Technophobe: a woman frustrated at her laptop

That got us thinking: how many digital problems are caused by simply not understanding the technology? How many people are settling for second best, or working with clunky old websites that aren’t doing them any favours simply because ‘better the devil you know’? How much better would people’s experiences with – and results from – … Read more

AI writing: a writer’s perspective

Picture of a robot to depict AI writing

By Heather Sheppard. Let’s start with an introduction. Hi! I’m Heather (no, not the Sox Heather. Another Heather. I swear it’s a coincidence – Sox doesn’t force its freelancers to take the name ‘Heather’. This company isn’t like a 2023 Wezzcountry version of ‘The Heathers’. I promise).  I’ve been working as a freelance writer for … Read more

Are time estimates useless?

Are time estimates useless

Building websites and general development activities are notoriously difficult to give time estimates for. Ask most developers and they’ll tell you that estimates are often a pain in their backsides. But, understandably, everybody always wants to know how long things are going to take. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. We all expect to … Read more

Development best practice vs. best value

Development best practice vs best value

This week we’re talking about something a little controversial… Best practice vs best value in development. Anyone who’s spent any significant time around developers and coders, often hears the phrase “best practice”. In the industry, there are generally accepted guidelines. These cover how to approach and solve problems, write code, and deliver a product or service. … Read more