Who Are Sox?

Development Done Differently

Who are we?

We started Sox to help the little guys. There are plenty of agencies, software houses, and studios to choose from when you’ve got an unlimited budget, but not so much choice if you’re a small business looking to get started.

We’re a friendly and effective husband & wife team based in Cornwall who, having both worked for start-ups in the past, know just how important those first few years are to your ongoing success. 

Our values

We look to always do the right thing. We’re not out to make millions; we’re out to help the little guys. We’ll be honest and frank with you every step of the way and won’t over-complicate things. We strive to be fair in everything we do and be clear whilst we do it.

Your technical ability, and that of your users, will always be at the front of our minds when offering you a solution. We’ll be sure to strike the right balance between control, functionality and usability when building your site or web app.


With a background ranging from business admin and B2B/B2C sales through to product trainer and project manager, Heather is our organisation behind the tech.

A bit of a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail and a lover of technology, Heather’s experience in customer care will benefit you from day one. She writes the majority of our documentation and delivers most of our training.

Previously she has worked with companies such as Monster Energy, Bare Minerals, Moore Kingston Smith and Carpet Right.


Graham is our developer. He’s worked on a wide range of projects from small one page static websites to huge IoT platforms collecting billions of points of data a month. Pragmatic and straight talking, he has a business first approach to his work ensuring any solution fits client needs and abilities above all else.

A small selection of projects Graham has worked on include an Interactive data visualisation for a Tour de France team, a promotional site for the release of the Lotus Exige LF1 and an international reaching IoT energy management platform

Heather Sheppard

A creative and resourceful writer, able to provide high-quality, inventive and well-crafted copy.  Heather has extensive experience of running successful blogs, writing whitepapers, creating diverse and engaging web content, and managing client social media accounts. Her research skills are second-to-none, enabling her to write engagingly and with authority on most subjects

Truly immersing herself in any task she takes on, Heather is an invaluable and dedicated resource for us and we’d highly recommend her to anyone needing help with writing content of any kind.

Drop us a line to find out how to get in touch with Heather (Sheppard).

What's with the name "Sox"?

Sox started in June 2020, when lockdown was still going. We were furloughed from our full-time jobs and friends, family, and acquaintances were contacting Graham for help online. So many people started asking for so much help that it got a bit unmanageable, so Heather got involved. And Sox Digital was born.

We spent a long time trying to come up with smart names for the business, including using some ancient Greek. But none of it really suited us. One day, whilst doing the housework, Heather was thinking through some common phrases and “knock your socks off” jumped to mind. This spiraled into brain storming other ways we could use the name – “this is a Soxy site” and “the Soxiest development service” were batted around. So, Sox Digital it was.

Essentially we’re called Sox so we can make business-related puns. And you can find plenty of them on our social media pages!

Our network & preferred partners

We’ve got a great support network to help us and also you!

Below are some of the people we love to work with, but there are plenty more roles and sectors we have great partners in. Unfortunately we can’t fit them all on one page! So, if you’re looking for specific help with something, make sure to drop us a line. If we can’t help, then we will know someone who can.

We’re also members of the Federation for Small Businesses (FSB). If you’re a small business or sole trader, we’d strongly recommend looking into joining them. Their membership benefits are incredible – everything from a legal advice hotline, to health and safety advice, and template documents.

We’re not affiliates of the FSB; just massive fans. You can find out more on their website: fsb.org.uk

Ellen Badat

Ellen Badat - Purple Tree Solutions

Computers, tech & emails

Does your tech cause you stress? Do you need pay as you go tech support for your small business?

Imagine the next time you have a tech issue, just being able to pick up the phone, or send a quick email, to get the support you need to resolve the problem, without you spending hours on Google or YouTube going around in circles!

Purple Tree Solutions offers quality IT support and solutions for small businesses. Whether you need help with your computer, email solutions, online protection, data loss prevention, or collaborative services like Microsoft 365, they can help. They offer a personal service, tailored to your needs. They love nothing more than chatting through an issue and coming up with the perfect solution.

Find out more on their website.

Alice Widger SEO

Alice Widger - Milk It Digital

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Alice mostly works with small to medium-sized businesses and marketing departments, across B2B, B2C and ECommerce sites, with a range of industries from luxury goods, recruitment, legal, agencies, independent traders, and training companies to software companies. She takes the time to analyse your ideal customer and client base – pinpointing areas for improvement from on-page content, to technical website changes. She works with you to create a bespoke SEO strategy that truly speaks to your target audience. Best of all, it’s all done for you, leaving you to get on with running your business. 

Alice even has her own super-duper platform, The Milk It Hub, that contains everything you could want to know about how your SEO is performing. And for that added peace of mind, she’s ICO registered and fully insured.

Find out more on her website.

Rob Kearsey - RMK Marketing

Full social media management & online advertising

Rob provides strategic and effective social media marketing solutions for brands and agencies. He’s a bit of a social media all-rounder in that he works across all the major social media channels, including Tik Tok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube, and offers paid & organic social media services to his clients.

Rob is your guy if you want a social media strategy, want to start paid advertising, or want support on one of the platforms we can’t work on.

Find out more on his website.

JO HODGE - The Digital Marketing Fairy

Jo Hodge - The Digital Marketing Fairy

Ethical, understandable and actionable email marketing

Jo is a Technical Email Marketing Consultant who specialises in helping small businesses attract and convert more of their ideal customers with email.

With over 20 years experience in digital she provides tailored strategies that align with business goals and resources. Whether it’s a platform migration, optimising deliverability, segmentation, automation building, A/B testing or in depth reporting and analytics her consultancy services are designed to empower small businesses to harness the full potential of email marketing.

She is a certified Mailerlite expert, Klaviyo Partner, Mailchimp Expert and has experience with all the other major email marketing platforms (Hubpost, Brevo, Active Campaign, Constant Contact etc) and is fully insured and ICO registered.

Find out more on her website.

Matt Valhalla Headshot

Matthew Hunkin - Valhalla Branding

Brand consultancy & creation

Valhalla delivers brands that land with your audience. Offering your business a lot more than pure design, the Valhalla 3D Branding Process embodies three fiercely guarded values: Clarity, Courage and Craftsmanship.

Nobody knows more about your business than you, and Matthew at Valhalla is a super-listener. His mission is to help you tell the world exactly why it should care about your business. Your customers should notice you, remember you and understand exactly what you can do for them. When he works on your brand, his approach is the same as if he were working on his own.

To find out more about Matthew and Valhalla, and make the most of his 30+ years of experience with typography, colour, pictures, and words, check out his website here.

Matthew Moore - Matthew Moore Music

Music & jingles

Working with media and music industry leaders for over 20 years, Matthew is a recognised media composer, producing music for a wide range of clients in Film, TV and advertising throughout Europe.

Being an accomplished musician, Matthew’s clients benefit from his extensive skills of being a composer, arranger, song-writer and multi-instrumentalist as well as a recording and mixing engineer.
Whether working on emotional orchestral pieces, quirky TV comedy, seasonal soundtracks, or hard punching documentaries, Matthew has a strong ability to create sounds that captures the emotion of the music, and its audience.

To find out more about Matthew, head over to www.matthewmooremusic.co.uk

Claire Wilson LLE Photography

Claire Wilson - LLE Photography


When a photo can say it all, you need a photographer and filmmaker who can help you get the content that will reflect your brand and personality.

Claire is experienced at working with brands both large and small, as well as helping people develop their personal brand, creating just the right photos and videos that help them connect with their audience.

Find out more on Claire’s website.


Supposedly in charge of our outreach program, in reality she spends most of the time asleep. Either that, or she’s trying to steal your chair.

Overqualified in the art of distraction and climbing on keyboards, she doesn’t seem to do much (except sleep) but would still score 11/10 on an appraisal – if you could keep her awake long enough to have one. 

Her favourite toy is a blue catnip bird that’s she’s destroyed so often that Heather has to keep sewing it back together. Gets paid in Dreamies and snuggles.

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