Website management – should I outsource?

We’re on the fence about website management. On one hand, we’re all about empowering people to own their site and manage it themselves. On the other hand, some people are just not inclined to tackle something that is so far out of their field and comfort zone, which is completely understandable (and common!). 

Here are our thoughts on if it’s worth it for you to pay someone to take care of your site.

Why should I pay someone else?

Cost effectiveness

This one is easy to justify. If you’re making enough money providing your products or services, there is no need to make extra work for yourself or someone else in your business. Let someone else own your website management for you. Ask yourself “would someone who works on websites every day be more efficient than me?”

Time demands

This is very similar to cost effectiveness. If the demands on your time are such that your business would suffer if you weren’t concentrating on what you do best, it will be better for you, your business, and your clients if you outsource the job.

You have a good marketing budget

If you have a dedicated marketing budget, it will likely be in your best interest to find a partner to take over the website management, and work directly with your marketing specialist. The two can communicate and discuss the best ways to develop the site to make the most of your budget.

You don’t have the motivation

This one is a bit more personal. Some people know that if they give it a go they won’t be able to give it their best. For any number of reasons, you know deep down that you just aren’t interested and won’t ever truly “get it”. In this case, if you have the option, it’s usually best to invest the money and offload the worry of your website.

Should I handle my website management myself?

Limited funds

Money doesn’t grow on trees and a service like this costs. If money is tight or you don’t have much financial flexibility, it’s best to hold off until you’ve got some regular income.

Tech savvy

If you pick up technology and software quickly, there is no reason you shouldn’t have a go at managing and maintaining your website. Content management systems like WordPress make it easy to update your content. Just make sure you understand the implications of updating WordPress and your plugins!

You’ve got a team

If you’ve got a wider team supporting your business, you may find someone on that team is interested in (or already has) the confidence to manage a website. Keeping things in house has obvious benefits; with a bit of training and professional development, a team member can be quickly brought up to speed on the tricks of the trade. No one knows your business like you and your team – always invest internally if you can. 


The answer to this question isn’t one size fits all. It’s entirely dependent on your situation and personal preferences. There are clear benefits to each side of the coin, but only you can decide what’s right for your business. If you’ve got a budget but no inclination to do it yourself, explore your options and look into who can help. If you don’t have the budget and/or you have the aptitude and interest then give it a go yourself.

Sox advocate being as involved in your website as you possibly can be, we encourage everyone to have a go at managing their sites. We make it as easy as possible for anyone to manage their own site and are always on hand to give pointers and advice. It’s a rewarding experience seeing your site grow, and learning the ins and outs of doing so can open up a world of new opportunities and possibilities for you and your business.

We’ve been asked a number of times if we can take over management of websites. This request has been so frequent that we are now able to offer a management service package to our clients. Contact us to find out more!