The best time to build a new website

It’s no secret that in 2023 your website can be one of your most important business tools. If you disagree, you should probably check out this super short article. If you’re thinking about getting yourself a new website, then it’s worth knowing that there are better times than others to do it. To be clear, there are no hard and fast rules about the best time to build a new website, but there are some times to make the jump that make more sense than others. In this article, we’ll share our thoughts on which times we think are the best. 

There are two times a year that, for most businesses, it makes the most sense to build or rebuild. The first is shortly after Christmas, in January to early February. These tend to be fairly quiet months of the year; lots of people are still catching up after Christmas or returning from holidays. This is the perfect time to implement big changes for the New Year (makes for a great New Year’s resolution). Depending on your industry, traffic to your website might be a bit slower, your marketing plans might not be in full swing for the new year and, chances are, you have other things to focus on. So why not get the website sorted in the background?

The second time that’s good is late July through to early September. The summer holidays are very quiet for a lot of people in the business to business sphere. Many people are away on holiday, out with their family, or with their friends. This is the absolute prime time to overhaul your website if you’re B2B; make the most of these quiet months to really wow people when they get back. Get your website revamped, get a simple marketing plan in place, and you’ll be leagues ahead of the competition.

It’s a bit trickier when your customer base is most active on big holidays, outside business hours, and at weekends. You should be aiming to coincide with your quieter months. This will be different for each business, and your target market. Shortly after January is a good bet, as many people have just had the expense of Christmas. They’re back to work and aren’t looking to shell out loads of money. Similarly, September to October makes sense – ready for the run up to Christmas.

It’s at this point we should mention that your website is just one piece of the puzzle. You should consider launching a new website alongside a new marketing plan. This can be easier or more difficult depending on the time of year. Running with the Christmas example, launching a new website in early November is prime time to run Christmas adverts, giveaways, competitions, the whole kit and kaboodle. Conversely, what’s the angle for February? Bad weather, neglected resolutions, and a diet. You’ve got a little less to work with. That said, if you’re a personal trainer, fitness coach, or you own a gym, you’ll be seeing dollar signs in January, February, and March.

If you’ve not got a marketing plan, and have no idea where to start, this article by HubSpot might be helpful.

Hopefully that gives you some food for thought. Each business will be different, but there are some shared times in a year when it’s a little better to build a site than others. Of course, if you’re at risk of never committing to a new site then you’re better off just “getting it done” rather than waiting for the perfect moment. As long as you make a solid plan and leave plenty of time, no matter what time of year you launch a new site, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour.