Loab: The Halloween Series Continues

A picture of a carved pumpkin for the continuation of our Halloween series. Meet Loab, the AI generated nightmare.

Our last ‘spooky tech’ blog was silly. A delightful haunted MacBook from the USA which ultimately ended up helping the family with rap battles and the hoovering. Honestly, we thought it was a bit too silly. So we asked our writer to find something creepier. Evidently peeved by our request, Heather (another Heather. We know, … Read more

The haunted Ebay laptop

The haunted ebay laptop

It’s that time of year when we ask our writer to dig out spooky stuff with a techie twist. Last year, she found some properly creepy stuff lurking in the dusty corners of the internet. This year, she’s gone a bit…dare we say it?…sillier? Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe we should issue a warning here. If … Read more

Changes to our free advice

free advice changes

We’re making changes to the way we offer our free advice. Anyone who knows Sox Digital, knows we offer free advice. It’s one of our most popular services and everyone loves it. Not too long ago we introduced some terms and conditions around using our free advice service. This was due to an increasing number … Read more

Five minutes with our co-founders


This week, before we close for a few days and go on holiday, we thought we would share more about ourselves. If you’ve followed Sox then you’ve probably noticed we spend a lot of time giving away titbits and free advice. This week we’re going to share a little more about who we are individually … Read more