4 Things we hate about web agencies

Picture of an irritated face on a board, because this article is about 4 things we hate about web agencies. So WE'RE irritated!

You’ve probably heard us talk about why we started Sox; we wanted to help those who often get overlooked. I.e. the small guys who need a more personable, down-to-earth service, without all the sales BS, the jargon, or the ludicrous price tags. If you’ve spoken with Heather, you’ve probably also heard her talk about some … Read more

Five minutes with our co-founders


This week, before we close for a few days and go on holiday, we thought we would share more about ourselves. If you’ve followed Sox then you’ve probably noticed we spend a lot of time giving away titbits and free advice. This week we’re going to share a little more about who we are individually … Read more