Loab: The Halloween Series Continues

A picture of a carved pumpkin for the continuation of our Halloween series. Meet Loab, the AI generated nightmare.

Our last ‘spooky tech’ blog was silly. A delightful haunted MacBook from the USA which ultimately ended up helping the family with rap battles and the hoovering. Honestly, we thought it was a bit too silly. So we asked our writer to find something creepier. Evidently peeved by our request, Heather (another Heather. We know, … Read more

The haunted Ebay laptop

The haunted ebay laptop

It’s that time of year when we ask our writer to dig out spooky stuff with a techie twist. Last year, she found some properly creepy stuff lurking in the dusty corners of the internet. This year, she’s gone a bit…dare we say it?…sillier? Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe we should issue a warning here. If … Read more