Five minutes with our co-founders

This week, before we close for a few days and go on holiday, we thought we would share more about ourselves. If you’ve followed Sox then you’ve probably noticed we spend a lot of time giving away titbits and free advice. This week we’re going to share a little more about who we are individually and what we do away from work.


Heather likes to joke that Graham lives in the cupboard, coding. This isn’t entirely true though!

Whilst Graham does the vast majority of the really techy stuff for us, it’s not all he does. He’s heavily involved in the whole sales process and has, historically, worked more with our previous cloud software clients than Heather has. One thing that makes Graham especially valuable to our clients is his knack for finding straightforward solutions to problems. 

In his spare time, he loves to play computer games; watch classic horror movies, tinker with his car (it’s on its last legs), and keep on top of the latest developments in tech. Graham rates The Thing 1982 and Evil Dead 2 1987 as some of the best films of the 80’s. He’s also quite vocal about how Arnold Schwarzenegger has never done a bad film. 

From a young age Graham was surrounded by tech, tools, and gadgets but, despite this, one of his favourite things is being completely disconnected from technology. He loves being away from it all wild camping without a tent, or even just a day on the moors without any phone signal. 


Heather has been client facing all of her working life, from being an assistant to a wedding photographer, to onboarding and training clients in specialist CRM software. 

Whilst she likes tech, you don’t want her coding… It’s not good! Leave that to Graham. Instead, she manages the admin of Sox as well as sales and marketing. 

In her spare time, she loves to run, kickbox (badly), garden, and bake. 

Kickboxing has been a surprisingly fun way to work out and meet some incredible new people. Heather is a member of ISK Martial Arts in Redruth – it’s such a friendly group, and she’d highly recommend it to anyone in the area who’d like to give martial arts a go. There’s a free taster session if you just want to try it, and they often also offer a beginners induction course where you can get a handful of sessions at a discounted price. 

Gardening has been its own kind of trial, with the current garden being a bit of a jungle come move-in day. Tidying it up has been incredibly satisfying, if hard work. Heather’s now been able to start growing things and getting it under control, complete with a small veg patch! This year she’s been growing sweetcorn, tomatoes (again… last year’s were an utter failure), onions, garlic, spinach, lettuce, strawberries, butternut squash and french beans. 


We are pretty proud of the fact that we’re a husband and wife team. Our business skills complement each other near perfectly, which makes us a force to be reckoned with. 

Together, we’re proud of the fact that we are nerds! We both really enjoy World of Warcraft, Bloons and Overcooked, to name a few.

We also love spending time outdoors, walking, BBQs and using our super cool pizza oven. We always thought “how different can pizza-oven pizza really be? It can’t be that good.” Wow, were we wrong; it’s incredible! And the pizza oven packs away into its own carry case, so you can take it to the beach with you! (We’re not Ooni reps, promise.)

We’ll be closed after today until 12th September. If there’s anything we can help you with online, drop us a message on We’ll try and monitor email sporadically whilst we’re away, though we’re both looking forward to a break from the computers!