Top 5 reasons photographs are important for websites – Claire Wilson

Top 5 Reasons Photographs are important for websites

By Claire Wilson Did you know photographs are important for websites and play more of a role than just making it look pretty?  They can help you share your brand-story and play a key role in creating a positive visual impact. They are also important for making your content accessible and engaging, and increase your … Read more

Focus on Cornwall Podcast

Focus on Cornwall Podcast

We’re super excited to share that, in May, we were invited to be a guest speaker on the Focus on Cornwall podcast! Created by Claire Wilson of LLE Photography, the Focus on Cornwall podcast shares stories from Cornwall’s businesses and leaders, and talks about the challenges and opportunities we face.  Heather and Claire met up … Read more

Simple steps to improve business security

Improve your business security

It’s Data Privacy Day on 28th January! In honour of a critically overlooked, yet important, aspect of the web, we’ve got a two-part article for you. We’ll be publishing the second half on Friday. We’re going to give you some tips on how you can improve your business’ security, and respect the privacy of your … Read more