Get help with the Growth Hub

As a business, we know our weakness is marketing ourselves. We are looking to grow our company (and effective marketing will be key to this!), so we decided to contact the Growth Hub for some free business advice.

Contacting them is one of the best things we have done so far. Not only was their advisor excellent, and really gave us some great thinking points, but they made referrals to other publicly-funded support for us. These referrals really got us hitting the ground running.

One of their referrals was to Unlocking Potential, where we’ve recently completed a four part workshop. It’s been a fantastic experience so we wanted to shout about it!

Working with industry experts, we covered everything from identifying and defining your ideal customer, to understanding the importance of cash flow, and what success means for you and your business.

The Breakthrough workshop we attended was split into four days:

Day one: The Person Behind the Business and Business Modelling

What are your strengths within your business? Why did you start it? What business model suits you best, and how can you adapt when events like Covid-19 knock you for six?

Day two: Your Customer and Your Value Proposition

How do you group your customers and write meaningful messages for them? What is your value proposition and is it right for your customers? How could you adapt your value proposition during events such as Covid-19?

Day three: Marketing and Learn, Build, Measure

What marketing channels are available and what works? How do you make the most of the limited resources you have? How do you build your business using the learn, build, measure methodology?

Day four: Know Your Numbers

What are the different types of expenses, and what impact will they have? How do you price your services or products correctly? How can you begin to troubleshoot cash flow problems?

If anyone in Cornwall is struggling in their business, or has a business idea but no idea how to start with it, we’d strongly recommend contacting the Growth Hub to see how they can help. You won’t regret it.

We’re more than happy to chat with you about our experience with the workshop, if you would like to learn more. Just drop us a line on our contact page.