Changes to our free advice

We’re making changes to the way we offer our free advice. Anyone who knows Sox Digital, knows we offer free advice. It’s one of our most popular services and everyone loves it. Not too long ago we introduced some terms and conditions around using our free advice service. This was due to an increasing number of people not showing up, not responding to us, or generally ghosting us after asking for a free review. 

You can see that post here.

Demand has increased at such a rate – we’re now booking new projects in with a two month lead time – that the time has come for us to adjust how we offer our advice.

Changes to our free advice

First things first, some of our advice is still going to be free. But our free advice will only cover your homepage. That means we’ll review your homepage content, user journey, experience, and the bits inbetween in the same way as we always have. We’ll share these thoughts and feedback with you in the same way as before, but calls will be limited to one hour.

If you have a site with more than one or two pages and you’d like our feedback on the whole thing, then we’re introducing a cost based on the size of the site. In exchange for this fee, you’ll get a review based on your site as a whole, with suggestions on each of your pages and how your content, user journey, and experience can be improved. We’ll follow social media links through, look at how you are preforming on your social platforms, and we’ll even snoop at your LinkedIn page (if you have one) to give you some advice on how to tie it all together.

Included in this price is a PDF of notes to take away, as well as an uncapped call to discuss all the feedback we give you.

Why are we making this change?

Sox Digital is going through a period of change; we’ve made changes to our core services, we’ve improved processes behind the scenes, and the uptake in our free advice has gone through the roof too. To be able to continue giving the same quality advice we always have, we’ve had to introduce some sensible limits. 

Anyone who’s used our free advice before can attest to just how bloody good it is. We’re thorough, plain speaking, concise, and friendly. If we don’t make these changes now, we’d have to start turning people away which we absolutely don’t want to do. 

Will your free advice ever go back to being completely free?

It’s unlikely. At the moment we’re walking a fine line between operating at capacity and over capacity – especially when you take into consideration the number of free advice calls we get through. If we can start charging for some of the time, it becomes more economical for the business to continue offer the advice service. As we’ve mentioned, we still offer a completely free advice service, so we’ll always be able to provide you with some value for free.

If you’re looking for some free advice, or a complete site review, now is the perfect time to get in touch. You can message us on LinkedIn, Facebook, drop an email to, or use our contact form!