3 tips to improve your website

Are you struggling with how to improve your website? You know you want to flesh it out and make it more interesting but you’re not sure what to do?

Here are some tips to help you.


Quality content is absolutely crucial to the success of your website. Think about each page of your site and ask yourself:

  • Is the content useful to the reader?
  • Is it engaging and interesting to read? 

You might have a lot of pages but is that content of any use to anyone? Making your content engaging and informative will instantly transform both your website and the image you present to others.

If you’re not confident in your content or your writing ability, consider investing in a good copywriter (we know a fantastic one). Most copywriters can work from a short chat or a brief that describes what you want to convey and your tone of voice. This small investment can result in huge improvements for your content.

It’s not all about the text – are you still using stock, or low resolution images across your site? People are used to seeing stock images. Original and unique media assets are far more eye-catching than anything you can find on stock image sites. 

Calls to action

When someone comes to your site what are you hoping they will do? Use the contact form? Send an email? Make a phone call? Buy a product?

Is it unavoidably obvious how to do that on your website? Do you have a clear call to action so the user knows exactly how to reach you or your product?

Well placed buttons, links, images, and prompts can incentivise users to perform these actions. At the end of the day your website is a tool to improve engagement with you or your business, so you should always be looking for ways to make that engagement as quick and easy as possible.


Data drives everything these days, and knowing what pages are the most popular and where people are coming from is crucial to growing your website. If you have pages that aren’t getting visits, then it’s time to ask if the content is good enough? Do people know the page exists? Do I even need this page on my website?

At the same time if you have pages that are getting lots of hits, then you know there is something engaging there. Look to replicate this across your site and make every page as successful. If you haven’t already got Google Analytics, then look to integrate it on your site.  It’s a treasure trove of useful information! (Just be sure you update your cookie policy, because you’ll have tracking cookies if you use it.) 

Here’s a great (free!) course from Google themselves on how to get started with Analytics, if you haven’t used it before: https://analytics.google.com/analytics/academy/course/6 

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