Free advice from Sox

We’re very proud of the fact that Sox gives free advice to any other small business who feel they need it, with no strings attached. But what actually happens if you decide to take us up on this offer?

Well, our free advice is nearly always given on a video call. We do this because it tends to be the easiest way – on a call, you can interrupt us and ask us questions whenever something doesn’t make 100% sense to you. That kind of interaction is a lot harder in an email!

We’ll always tell you to allow at least one hour for a free advice call. Though, truth be told, we don’t really limit the time – it takes as long as it takes. Any less than an hour though, and we’re likely to only be scratching the surface before we’re hanging up the phone, and that just doesn’t give you enough value.

So, the first step is finding a time that works for us and you and booking it in the diary. We usually look to book at least one week in advance – we’ll explain why next.

Once the call has been booked, we’ll then ask you to send us a link to your website and what your specific areas of uncertainty are i.e. what you’re looking for advice on. This could be that you’re not getting many website visitors, or perhaps that you just don’t like what your homepage looks like. We’ll then start to prepare for our call together – hence the at least one week lead time on a call.

We will go away and look carefully at your site, gathering general feedback and other points of interest that may be useful to you. Once we’ve done this, we’ll look at the specific questions you asked us and start gathering together some information and suggestions that will help. All of this is then structured properly, so that our call together has a clear flow to it – and so we don’t jump all over the place!

When the time for our call comes, we’ll share all of our feedback with you. This can include the occasional screen share to show you examples of where improvement is needed on your site, or other websites which have implemented the changes we are suggesting. This allows you to see real world applications of our feedback, so you can see we’re not spewing bullsh*t at you!

During our call, you can interrupt us at any time to ask us to slow down or clarify what we mean. We do this kind of work every day and it’s second nature to us (because we’re nerds), but we know it’s not always so easy to understand for everyone else. No question is a stupid one, so don’t feel afraid to ask. 

Once our call is done and feedback is given, you can do what you like with it. Implement it yourself, give it to a friend or family member to implement, or ask us to quote for doing the work for you. Any and all of the above are acceptable, and there’s no pressure to choose any one option! Don’t believe us? Read some of our reviews from previous clients who can vouch for our free advice offer. 

Hopefully this post has helped you if you’ve been on the fence about using us for free advice. It really is free, it isn’t “buy all of our services, and we’ll fix all of your problems” and there really are no strings attached.

P.s. don’t forget we’ve also got a cheat sheet now, to help you improve your website engagement. It’s also free! Check it out here