Did you know your website can be eco-friendly?

When you have a website, you’re probably well aware that you’ll need hosting. Hosting a website basically means where it lives, so that people can access it via the internet. This is on a server; typically there will be loads of websites running on one server. Servers sit together on a rack, which then sit in a big building called a datacenter – filled with lots of racks. As you can imagine, the energy bill for a datacenter is going to be pretty high and it’s going to have quite the carbon footprint. But you can make your website more eco-friendly with who you choose to host with.

Our host of choice (and who we offer our hosting packages with), Jolt, sponsors The Woodland Trust to plant double the amount of trees needed to offset the amount of carbon they produce! Jolt also claims that their servers use 27% less power than the average server.

Whilst that’s fantastic, what’s even better is what The Woodland Trust do. They concentrate their efforts in the developing world, providing jobs and shelter for those who need it most.

Chances are, Jolt is more affordable than your current host (starting at £2.95 plus VAT a month). So, if your hosting is up for renewal and you’d like to be more climate friendly, consider giving Jolt a go and get an eco-friendly website. We’ve written about Jolt before, have a look at why we recommend them in one of our earlier blog articles here.

We can also host and maintain your website for you if you don’t want the headache of maintaining it yourself; we offer flexible packages so there’s something for everyone. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about hosting and how we can help. As always our advice is totally free.