Who do I host my website with?

Are you asking yourself “who do I host my website with?”, you’re not the only one. Have you looked at Jolt yet?

It often feels like there are as many hosting companies as there are grains of sand on a beach, and picking between them feels like playing a game of minesweeper. 

One hosting company that we always recommend is Jolt.co.uk. We’ve always found that getting your site up and running with them is pain free and intuitive. And their customer service is excellent!

They are affordable compared to many hosts; you can get started for as little as £3.95 a month for their basic plan. 

What’s more, their live chat support is fantastic and their support agents have always been incredibly helpful and responsive.

Jolt are UK based, as are their servers, meaning you’ll nail your GDPR data storage location obligation. 

If your web hosting is due for renewal, you think you’re paying too much or the support is lackluster, think about giving Jolt a go.

We aren’t sponsored by Jolt, but we are big fans.

If you’re lacking in confidence on how to change your hosting, or you don’t know if Jolt is right for you, we offer free advice. Drop us a message!