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We help small businesses with websites and content creation.

Why do we do what we do?

Sox was started to help the little guys. If you’ve got an unlimited budget then everyone will be vying for your business. But if you’re on a tight budget, they’re often very quick to show you out the door. 
We’re not out to make millions; we’re out to help small businesses like yours get started (and feel comfortable) online. 
There are lots of things we don’t like about the way our industry is going, and we’re fighting to change them. We don’t believe in “leasing code,” and we really dislike it when people’s free advice amounts to “buy my stuff and solve all of your problems!” 

How do we do it?

We mentioned the no bullshit. It’s an easy thing to say, but we try and let it encompass everything we do. We don’t overcomplicate things, we try not to use jargon, and we put things in a language YOU understand. We’re aiming to be the tech guys that you’d be happy sending your grandmother to. 
If you want to give us a whirl, use our free advice offer. 

We're giving away a 12 point checklist to improve your engagement.


From simple one-pagers to large corporate sites, and everything in-between. We'll even host it for you too!


We can help with one-off or ongoing copywriting and content creation. Perfect for if you need to fill your website out, or write that blog you've been avoiding.

Social media

We offer basic social media assistance and packages. These are perfect for if you're just getting started. We work on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Case studies

Their "no nonsense" approach was perfect for me to have my site redeveloped and get myself noticed better. I have really enjoyed working with the team at Sox, and am delighted with my lovely new website.
Mike Cameron-Davies
Mike Cameron-Davies Business Transformation
Sox were so helpful and knowledgeable when I approached them for help. They were a delight to deal with and each have their own specialist knowledge so, as a team, they pretty much have it all covered. It would have been easy to give up as my problems were not all easy to solve but they persevered. Thank you.
Jill Dillner
Yoga Stones

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