Let us tell you about a client that it’s been a real pleasure to work with – Andy Milne of Gym Interiors. He came to us late 2022 in need of a new website, and we were more than happy to oblige!

Here’s how it went:

Who is the client?

Andy Milne is an entrepreneur with a special interest in gym design. His Gym Interiors business works to design gyms according to an intuitive flow which helps people to get the best out of their workouts no matter the space available to them.

Using VR, CAD (Computer Aided Design) and his own expert knowledge of gym design, Andy helps clients to produce the ideal gym for their needs – whether private or commercial. His CAD skills and VR mockups allow clients to visualise gym spaces that are pleasant to use, flow well, and look great.

In order to showcase what Gym Interiors can do, Andy needed a slick, sophisticated website. That’s where Sox came in…

The problem

We should confess at this point that we have worked for Andy before and, as he puts it “The guys at Sox Digital have always been very professional and I like their straightforward talking. I have always been extremely happy with their services”. So, when he needed a new website for his evolving business, he came straight to us.

The ‘problem’ (not really the right word, but that’s how internetspeak puts it!) was that the new website didn’t exist yet. We were hired to create a brand new website from scratch.

We have a process for website building, which goes like this:

  • We have a call or meeting with the client to discuss their needs and establish what, exactly, they are looking for
  • We put together a proposal, including:
    • A fixed price
    • An estimated timeline for works to be completed
    • A mockup of what the new site will look like
  • When the client agrees to the proposal (we’re happy to modify and negotiate until we reach the perfect solution for the client!), we draw up a contract to be signed by both parties
  • After an initial payment (usually 50% of the build cost) we make a ‘requirements document’. This details everything that we will need in order to carry out the works
  • Then, to put it in as basic terms as possible, we build the site!

The solution

We took an extensive brief from the client and, working closely with them, quickly came up with a mockup of a new website. We took the mockup to the client and, with just a few tweaks, it was ready to go. 

This website was a lot of fun to build. Andy provided us with plenty of resources, including graphics, video, and examples of his CAD work. So we were able to create a good-looking, user-friendly website without having to pester the client for interesting assets to use!

Andy says “I love the clean look they do and the fact that they can help with the copy and basic SEO etc as well”

The results

We hate to blow our own trumpet (hey, we’re British!), so we’re going to let the client tell you what he thinks of his new website:

“The final product has been hassle-free to manage, and gives me a great shopfront towards which I can guide new prospects. It has loads of interactive features and videos, and honestly looks fantastic. It works great, and generally provides a great user experience.

All in all, I now have a great website to capture new leads and drive traffic to. It’s a great showcase for what I do, and makes my business look slick and professional”


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