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In 2022, we were approached by the lovely Alison Theaker of Live Life For Me. Her brand was expanding into a new market, and she wanted our help to get it right.

By partnering with Sox, they were able to grow a respectable LinkedIn following from the ground up, in just six months. We also gave them the techniques they needed to grow their brand online. 

Alison kindly agreed to be interviewed for this case study, for which we are very grateful! Thanks Alison!

Here’s how we turned Live Life For Me into a thriving online brand.

Who are Live Life For Me?

Live Life For Me helps women to survive and thrive through the menopause and beyond. They do some truly fantastic work, not just in helping people through the menopause but also in breaking down the considerable stigma around the topic of menopause.

Alison Theaker herself is a transformative Life Coach with a wealth of experience, ranging from higher education to creativity development and reiki. She uses her own unique coaching style, ‘Walk the Talk’ to unlock latent creativity. She is also highly qualified in NLP and action learning.

The other half of the LLFM equation is Anne Hope – an expert therapist, teacher, and counsellor with many years’ experience. She is a women’s health specialist, with expertise in hormonal changes. She has written two bestselling books on the subjects of fertility and menopause. As if this were not enough, she is also a qualified homeopath, teacher, yoga instructor, and hypnotherapist. She has put all of these skills to good use, sometimes working with women in extreme circumstances, including drug rehabilitation programmes and a women’s refuge.

What could two remarkable women like this possibly need from Sox?

The problem

At heart, the problem was that LLFM lacked a solid LinkedIn presence. Both Alison and Anne were so busy doing good, practical work out in the world that they had little time to sit down in front of the computer and build their brand online.

In addition, LLFM wanted to expand into a new market. As Alison herself puts it:

“We had changed our focus to approaching businesses to take care of their staff by using our products which inform women and men about the menopause”.

As there was a workplace slant to this new direction, LinkedIn seemed the perfect platform.

Alison wanted to reach out to business leaders, HR professionals, and others with influence over workplace health and training. So, to help make that happen, Alison got in touch with us.

The solution

Our solution for LLFM had several parts:

1. We showed them how to set up their own company page on LinkedIn
2. We offered a digital strategy, with emphasis on LinkedIn
3. We coached Alison and Anne in the use of LinkedIn and other digital platforms
4. We wrote LinkedIn posts for LLFM, and posted them once a week

As well as writing and posting LinkedIn posts for LLFM once a week, we encouraged Alison and Anne to take control of their own digital presence, and to become self-sufficient on social media.

So, we taught them to post regularly on LinkedIn, to tailor their content to their prospects, to invite contacts to follow their page, to comment on others’ posts, to check out relevant hashtags, and everything else you need to build your brand on social media. They were brilliant students, and took to social media like ducks to water!

Here’s what Alison has to say about it all: “It was useful to have an outside person look at our content and respond to it. This gave us other ideas of how to use the content in our blog, on our Facebook page, and in our courses”.

The results

Rather than blowing our own trumpet here, we’re going to let Alison tell the results in her own words:

“We gained 160 followers in six months, which we are really pleased with. We also have the techniques to continue to grow our following.

It was very helpful to have the support of Sox to get us started and to manage the channel through the first few months. We are also starting to be asked to contribute to webinars and podcasts about the menopause and our work, which is a direct result of Sox’s help with content and visibility.”

Alison also said that we were incredibly generous with our time (shucks!), and that we were instrumental in giving them a strategic, focused approach to social media.

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