Your next WordPress theme

If you’re thinking about building a new WordPress site, one of the most crucial decisions you’ll have to make is what theme to use. Picking your next WordPress theme early on is going to save you countless hours of frustration and headaches and, most importantly, money in the long run. 

GeneratePress is our theme of choice when it comes to building the most affordable WordPress sites. It provides a solid foundation without any of the bloat that is often found with other themes. It’s fast and lightweight (meaning your site will load quickly), prioritises performance and accessibility, and is open source to boot!

GeneratePress’ features can be enabled and disabled depending on what you need and it works perfectly with site builders and Gutenberg. In our experience, two of the most important aspects to consider when building any site is its longevity and maintainability. There are countless themes for WordPress available but many of them share one fatal problem – “Update compatibility”. A sign of a good theme is how resilient it is to WordPress updates. We’ve worked on numerous sites that start to come apart at the seams without emergency patches and updates from theme creators (or us!).GeneratePress takes these updates in its stride and we’ve never had to revert an update or apply a temporary custom patch.

We’re not sponsored by GeneratePress, but we do firmly believe in giving a shoutout where it’s due. We’ll let the reviews speak for themselves –

If you’re thinking about building a new site, or ditching that troublesome old theme you’ve been clinging onto for years, you’ll struggle to do better than GeneratePress. You can find it here – or 

Speaking of your website, if you need a hand get in touch! Our advice doesn’t cost a penny.