Do you know enough HTML to be dangerous?

If you have an active hand in managing your website, blog or shop you may have picked up a fair bit of HTML in your time. Problem is, writing it in Notepad or within your browser can feel a bit messy and often overwhelming if there is a lot of it.

Enter Sublime Text. In their own words: “Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.”

Sublime is a fantastic tool to help you visualise, manage, and write your markup. It’ll make your HTML so much easier to read and work with. After a few days you’ll never want to use Notepad again. It’s not just markup either, Sublime has native support for many languages and a powerful plugin manager that allows you to expand its functionality to meet your needs. What’s more, there’s an unlimited free licence, so it doesn’t have to hit your bank balance!

We’ve been using Sublime for years. There are plenty of other choices out there if you feel Sublime isn’t quite right for you. If you want something different, have a look at Notepad++ – it’s a solid and mature alternative (which is also free!).

You can find Sublime here: Sublime
You can find Notepad++ here: Notepad++

If you need some help with the HTML on your site we’d love to chat, we don’t charge for advice so if you just need a few pointers let us know – contact us.