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Who are More?

More Numbers Ltd are a software development company. We worked for two apps under their umbrella: LifeNumber and GoalDriver.

LifeNumber and GoalDriver are innovative apps set to disrupt the world of accounting. The ideas behind them are fresh, unique, and very much-needed.

However, when More Numbers came to us, their apps were not market ready. In order to get them to fully-fledged user ready apps, they needed the help of Sox Digital.

Here’s what we did:

More Numbers, less infrastructure

Before we could get to work on the apps, we needed to establish an infrastructure to work from. For example, we needed ways to communicate with different app teams, stakeholders, and managers.

So, before we began work on the individual apps, we did the following:

  • We set up a support portal. This was both to help us and to help More Numbers’ clients. It allowed us and the More Numbers team to check and deal with support issues, and gave clients a quick, easy way to flag and fix problems.
  • We configured a CRM (HubSpot, to be specific). CRM data is the lynchpin of any client-facing operation, so it was essential that More Numbers had a robust CRM integration.
  • We set up Slack to ease internal communications. This speeded the app development by getting rid of communication issues.
  • In addition to Slack, we set up Confluence. Confluence is a central platform where project teams can manage and collaborate on documents. Like Slack, it removed a lot of friction from the collaborative process.
  • We made a Trello board for both apps. This allowed teams to see at a glance what was currently in development, previous releases and their version history, and ideas for the future. Clients are full of ideas for improvement and growth, and we find it useful to collate all these great ideas into Trello boards, so they can be remembered and repurposed later.

With the infrastructure in place, we were ready to get to work on the apps – click on the case studies below to learn more…