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About Matthew Moore Music

Matthew Moore is an accomplished musician, known for his work as a media composer. He has produced pieces for film, television and advertising all over Europe.

Matthew has a diverse skillset, and this is reflected in his work – which ranges from quirky comedy soundtracks to hard-hitting documentary scores. As a multi-instrumentalist, he is able to bring a great depth of emotional tone to all of his pieces.

The problem

Matthew got in touch with us because of a malicious script on his site. Upon investigating, we found that this was not the only thing wrong with his website! The whole thing needed to be cleaned up and optimised. So that’s exactly what we did.

The Sox Solution

To give Matthew a fully optimised site, we:

  • Stripped out malicious scripts and boosted site security.
  • Moved the site’s hosting, thus saving Matthew money.
  • Helped to develop an improved WordPress site.
  • Added SSL certificates.

On an ongoing basis, we continue to provide ad-hoc support, updates, development, and technical advice.

The results

Matthew initially contacted us to solve one problem – but he was so pleased with our work that he stayed on as a client! We continue to help him with his website, and are very happy that he stayed with us.

You can find Matthew’s site here. If you think your site might be at risk of a virus, or already infected take advantage of our free advice offer. Drop us a message, we’ll take a look for free!