Get clear on money and eliminate stress, forever

About LifeNumber

No accountant ever wants to give a client bad news. It’s not exactly fun to tell clients that they have to reign in their spending, or to curb their lifestyle, or (god forbid!) that financial disaster is looming. 

It’s even less fun for the client – especially if the bad news feels like it comes out of the blue.

LifeNumber exists to prevent that dreaded ‘bad news moment’. It helps to bridge the intuitive gap between accounts, accountants, and clients. It enables them to work closely together to achieve what everyone dreams of: a life with no financial stress.

LifeNumber helps with budgeting, lifestyle planning, profitability, and more. If it sounds like an intensely sophisticated calculator – well, it is, but it’s much more than that as well. It enables a closer, more intuitive relationship between people and their accounts, and it’s that relationship which ultimately brings results.

However, before it could start working its magic, LifeNumber needed an app. That’s where we came in.

The problem

LifeNumber had an incredible idea and a brilliant strategy – but in terms of app development they had very little.

MoreNumbers Ltd have great concepts, but they needed people to manage the project, work on content, run tests. Basically, they needed someone to get the app up, running, and out into the world.

So, that’s exactly what we did.

The Sox Solution

The Sox team built LifeNumber up from an early prototype to a market-ready product.. As well as intensive project management, we:

  • Reviewed and implemented development and deployment processes.
    Reviewed and optimised code.
  • Planned and deployed new application infrastructure.
  • Integrated the app with email services.
  • Wrote all of the app user guides.
  • Took on and managed the app’s social media presence.
  • Implemented light-touch QA (Quality Assurance) processes.
  • Worked on data security & compliance.

On an ongoing basis, we continue to

  • Undertake client/user management, including personally calling users to see how they are getting on, to provide support, and to gather useful feedback.
  • Review and update software architecture and code.
  • Work with LifeNumber and their clients to agree on and release new features & functionality.
  • Track software versions and history.

The results

LifeNumber launched in March 2021, on time and under budget. From its basic beginnings, we turned LifeNumbers into a fully-fledged app that’s now receiving rave reviews from accountants and clients alike.